“Add a Scent” Neon Headband

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"Add a Scent" headbands are designed to provide aromatherapy and diffuse your essential oils, on the go.  The shape and comfort of this headband is the same as the "original" Willey Bandz headband, but this "Add a Scent" headband has the special feature of diffusing your essential oils. Every “Add a Scent” headband will come with 1 pair of felt pieces already in the headband and an additional package of 4 different colored felt pieces. These felt pieces can be used as replacement felt or you can use different colored felt pieces to diffuse different essential oils.

  • Find the 2 hidden pockets on the headband- they are placed at your temples
  • Place a drop of essential oil on 1 or both pieces of felt (use CAUTION if you are using undiluted essential oil, as some are very irritating to the skin)
  • Place the felt into the pockets with the fresh oil facing away from your head
  • Place the headband on your head with the curved edge towards the back and tie it in a comfortable knot to fasten
  • Enjoy bringing your favorite therapeutic essential oil scent with you everywhere you go!