Ways to Wear Willey Bandz Headbands

Willey Bandz are designed to be worn with the curved edge towards the back, but have fun with these headbands to wear them a variety of other ways too! Be sure to tie the headband on comfortably, and not too tight, to ensure it stays in place.

Buttons added to headbands for FREE!

Need buttons on your headband?

We can add buttons to any of our headbands, free of charge! Just add a note to your order that you would like buttons added! Feel free to measure the distance you would like the buttons placed, ear to ear, taking into consideration the mask you wear, and include that measurement in your note.  If we don’t receive a specific measurement we add the buttons 11 inches apart. Thank you to all that are serving our country in the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate you and your service!