Do they fit kids? YES, Willey Bandz headbands are adjustable with the simple tie of a knot. If the ends are too long, some prefer to tuck them under the band. This "tie & tuck" way of wearing Willey Bandz headbands is great for infants too. These headbands can easily grow with them.

How do you wash Willey Bandz For the best results, hand-wash and lay flat to dry.  Machine-washing is an option on delicate. Be sure to take out the knot and place in a lingerie bag.  

Are the 2" headbands for kids and the 3" headbands for adults? No, both widths can be worn by kids or adults. Either width can be folded in half for a narrower look.

What are the dimensions of the headbands? All of Willey Bandz are handmade with knit material. The width of the narrower band is two inches at it's widest point.  The width of the wider band is three inches at the widest point. The length of the headbands is 28 inches but this can vary slightly depending on the stretch of the fabric.

Are all of the edges finished? Yes, Willey Bandz headbands have all finished edges.  They are delicately hand-stitched on the end so no thread is visible when worn.

How do I wear Willey Bandz headbands? These headbands were designed to be worn with the curved edge towards the back, and gently tied at the base of your head.  The knit material is used for comfort, not to be stretched tightly when worn. Tied too tightly, the headband may shift around on your head. Shape the band to your head and tie it on comfortably.  There are many other ways to wear these headbands too! Get creative and play around with other ways to wear Willey Bandz headbands!  Tie and tuck the ends, wear the knot on top, wear it as a neckscarf, or fold/twist the headband for a narrower look. If you find the back of the headband sticks up and is not shaping well to your head, simply twist the ends of the headband before knotting it. This method will help the headband shape well to your head.