Our Story

Willey Bandz officially opened in November 2014, but these headbands were designed and shared with friends of mine since 2012!   It all started when I got tired of always wearing a bandana, to keep my hair out of my face during intense workouts. I created a variety of different patterns and decided this unique design stayed in place and was extremely comfortable.

I would complete the hand-stitching portion of these headbands when I was outside supervising my active boys playing with the neighborhood kids. Soon, the kids started asking what I was making. Before long, the neighborhood kids helped me to come up with the name of these headbands, Willey Bandz! The "z" instead of an "s" was born at this time. I then started receiving pictures in my mailbox from kids in the neighborhood, with logo ideas for Willey Bandz. It was fun to see the kids work together and brainstorm ideas with me. Little did I know that one day Willey Bandz would be shared with more than my friends, family and neighbors!

In September 2014, a friend of mine approached me about the idea of fundraising for a family in need, by making and selling Willey Bandz. I agreed to help, and after a very successful fundraising effort, this friend suggested I start a business. In February 2015, 5 years since my dad passed away, I was intentional with choosing to spend my time and energy focused on my unexpected business, instead of the loss of my Dad. He would have wanted it that way.   So, inspired by my Dad, I decided to believe in my business as much as everyone else.  I signed up for a vendor spot at a local Mom’s Conference, with Willey Bandz, and since that event in February I’ve been sharing and growing Willey Bandz, locally and online.

A local customer explained to me that her Willey  Bandz  headband provides  “A Hug for her Head"!  When most people take headbands off when they have a headache, she puts hers on.  Other Willey Bandz customers agreed, Willey Bandz provide "A Hug for your Head"!

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about Willey Bandz! Please contact us if you have any questions about Willey Bandz products!

Julie Willey & the Willey Bandz Team